Andrés Izquierdo hams

At Andrés Izquierdo we know that for the important thing to go well, it is necessary that time takes its time.

The landscape changes, the stories are chained and the cycles begin again.
Meanwhile, the essential settles and remains.

Selection of Andrés Izquierdo

A limited edition with its own name. Pieces chosen one by one, cared for over 25 months of maturation under the expert eye of three generations of master ham makers.


On the cold nights of Cedrillas, the character of Liberno is forged. A ham distinguishable for its refined flavor and silhouette and distinguished with the quality seal of the Teruel Protected Designation of Origin, where the Landrace, Large White and Duroc breeds become lineage.

Jamón JA

JA is the result of condensing what makes ham ham. At the dictates of instinct and guided by experience, we are left with only what gives our products quality and character. In essence, ham.

A tree in Cedrillas

Our drying room in Cedrillas – Teruel

Oblivious to the speed imposed by the world, we vindicate the time that passes slowly and the things that are done with care, in an effort to ensure that our hams are of the highest possible quality.

Andrés Izquierdo hams