Andrés Izquierdo hams

The drying room

Familia Izquierdo - Cedrillas (Teruel)

A history of three generations

The Izquierdo family has dedicated ourselves to the trade of curing hams since in 1989 Grandfather Argimiro built the first ham drying room in his town, Cedrillas.

During these decades, our products have been in the markets with different brands, but the Izquierdo surname has always prevailed over them, as a synonym for quality and commitment.

Cedrillas - Teruel

Located at an altitude of 1,360 meters, in the province of Teruel, the dry and cold climate makes Cedrillas “the town of ham.”

The snowy winters, the green springs and the short summers… the human landscape that changes and the history that remains. All of this is part of our character.

Ermita de Santa Quiteria - Cedrillas
Women in Cedrillas - Teruel

The time of the essential

Oblivious to the speed imposed by the world, we vindicate the slow passage of time and the value of things done with care.

Making a ham of the highest possible quality is the result of putting all our passion and care into it.

Step by step care

At Andrés Izquierdo, we give the necessary importance to each step in the ham curing process: from the choice of the best raw materials to the piece-by-piece selection of each ham or shoulder that reaches the hands of our customers.

Tailor-made care

Our greatest endeavor is to guarantee a quality service: in confidence, with seriousness and continually improving. Thus, we can provide the client with what he needs at all times.

Gato en Cedrillas - Teruel

Product catalog

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Andrés Izquierdo hams